Is Marketing the Weak Link in your Business Plan?

Some straight questions for the business owner:

  •  – How would you rate the performance of your practice?
  •  – Do you have all the clients you want?
  •  – Are they all profitable for you?

If you answered all Yesses, congratulations.  You have an ideal practice. 

However, if you hesitated, or answered “No,” let’s talk about marketing. Or rather, . . .

Let’s look at how you feel about sales and marketing.

We’ve worked with a lot of professionals, and here are typical attitudes we’ve run into:

1.  “I feel that scrapping for new business is, frankly, unprofessional!”

2.  “I have specialized training and credentials . . . but people want to buy my accounting services based on price alone.”

3.  “I’ve tried all sorts of things, from pens and mugs to gift cards and local sponsorships. I’m not sure they’re worth the money.”

If you’re like many professionals, there is likely to be some truth for you in these negative statements! 

The good news — all these negatives can be turned into positives!

Now ask yourself . . .

How complete is your Marketing Plan?

If it’s little more than a footnote to your Business Plan, it’s time to start over.

Marketing starts with stepping back and getting a clear picture of you as business owner — your strengths, your habits, your experiences. A good marketing plan takes an equally close look at your practice — what it’s like now, and what you want it to be in the future. 

Our goal is to help you craft a customized plan that fits your practice and your goals — and that puts you back in charge.

If this sounds like it could be the right thing at the right time for your practice, start by getting a copy of our new book, The Marketing Machine® for Small Business Accountants.

If you don’t specialize in working with small businesses, but are intrigued by what you’ve seen so far, head right over to The Marketing Machine Group and take a look at our course: Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals.

You are sure to find some help in one place or the other!