Dear Professional,

Just three questions:

1.  Is finding profitable new clients an ongoing challenge for you?

2.  How about keeping the clients you have?

3.  Do you have questions about how to use the internet as another marketing avenue?

The Marketing Machine® may have some of the answers you’re looking for — because we are direct marketing specialists with experience and credentials that date back to before the online marketing explosion.

Joeseph Krueger and Virginia Nicols, The Marketing Machine®

The Marketing Machine® — over $4.5 billion in sales since 1989

That’s time to have worked with businesses of all types, from small one-person start-ups and, at the other end of the spectrum, national and international companies in the Fortune 500 category.

At last count, The Marketing Machine® has sold over $4.5 billion of products and services, and won more than a few awards, using all facets of marketing: email marketing, advertising, direct mail, public relations, speaking, websites, reputation management, social media – the list goes on.

We’ve used these marketing tools for a number of professional service providers, too.

Do we always win big?

Of course not. Sometimes you have to lose small on the road to winning big because predicting market response is an imperfect art.

But in our estimation, marketing is built on, and its . . .

Success all comes back to the basics of direct response advertising.

Nothing happens in business until someone buys something.

Direct moves people along to that purchase in a controlled, measurable way.

Now, with online marketing tools, you can move people to become clients faster than ever.

Our goal is to combine . . .

  • proven marketing strategies with
  • online innovations

and make them available to motivated business owners. If that describes you, you’re in the right place – and we look forward to getting to know you!

Joseph Krueger and Virginia Nicols, The Marketing Machine®