Calculator - numbers cruncher

Are you a numbers cruncher?

As a professional accountant, your main strengths are probably not marketing and selling. Or at least, these skills may be unseen.

And because of that, most people assume they know what you do. 

They think you’re a “numbers cruncher” or “a bean counter.”

If you let them think that, you’ll be just another commodity, competing on price.

In the real world of business, the good potential clients who seek your advice and counsel . . .

  • Find you through referral of another professional,
  • Or, they hear about your expertise in their industry,
  • Or maybe they hear you speak or they read something you’ve written– like a white paper or article – that addresses a serious problem you’ve solved that is just what they are facing.

If you’ve been in business a while, you already know that these clients rarely come about by accident.

Rather, you make them appear by have a plan and doing your “marketing” homework. That’s what Accountants Marketing Machine is all about — getting you on the right path toward systematic lead generation.

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