Truth about Accounting Practice

To start, some straight questions about your practice.

  • Is your practice working for you these days?
  • Do you have all the clients you want?
  • Are they all profitable for you?

If you answered all Yesses, congratulations.  You have an ideal practice.

However, if you answered even one “No,” let’s talk about marketing. Or rather, . . .

Let’s look at how you feel about sales and marketing.

Do you agree with any of these statements about marketing?

1.  I feel that scrabbling for new business is, frankly, unprofessional!

2.  I have specialized training and credentials, but I’ve watched as people buy accounting services based on price alone.

3.  I’ve tried all sorts of things, from pens and mugs and gift cards. So far, they seem to have been a waste of time and money.

If you’re like many professionals, there is likely to be some truth for you in each one of these negative statements!

The good news  — they can all be turned into a positive.

Do you need a new start?

Marketing starts with stepping back and getting a clear picture of you as business owner — your strengths, your habits, your experiences — and an equally clear picture of your practice — what it’s like now, and what you want it to be in the future.

With this knowledge, the Accountants Marketing Machine will help you craft a customized plan . . . one that fits your practice and your goals.  And one that puts you back in charge.

It’s all based on Direct Marketing.

Why Direct Marketing is perfect for accountants.

  • It’s accountable! Sales start with inquiries, tracked to their source with precise costs of each step. The numbers tell you what’s working and why.
  • Direct Marketing gives you the ability to test different lists and appeals and measure the results.
  • Predictability. When you know what works and why, you can systematically invest your money with machine-like results, again and again.

Start with the single most important marketing concept.

We are Direct Marketers, with a history of proven success. We can put our experience to work for you!

If this sounds arrogant or fanciful, send for our free report, “The One Main Thing.” It’s not the whole story, but in just five pages it lays out what we think is the single most important marketing concept for your practice.  

Get the report and see if it makes sense to you, too. If it does, let’s continue the conversation.



  Accountants Marketing Machine